Fifty Shades of Drain, Part 1: The Constant Charging Blues

Posted by Shana Glenzer

How often have you heard someone say “I don’t use [insert app] because it drains my battery”? For app developers that’s one of the most irksome comments.

Often what you believe to be draining the battery is not the actual culprit.
Over the past few months – notably with Apple’s iOS 8 update including a battery-usage monitoring tool – we’ve begun to see developers and manufacturers make a concerted effort to extend battery life. And we’re starting to understand the trade-off of some battery drain for a better user experience.

4 Reasons Location-Based Services Will Become a Thing Again in 2015

Posted by Michael Chasen

Originally posted on Street Fight on January 14, 2015. Article here.


Here’s an experiment: The next time you head out to lunch, compare the restaurant’s icon on your mapping application to the location on the door. The odds are that the icon will be at least 20 meters away from the door itself.

For a consumer, that’s not going to stop them from finding lunch. But that margin of error presents a major hurdle for marketers as they look to use location data to not only target ads, but measure their effectiveness as well. The algorithms which marketers use to analyze location cannot tell whether we intended to go to a McDonald’s on the corner or the gym next door.

Why Good Isn’t Good Enough

Posted by Emily Wrobel

Some in the technology space say that location is good enough as it stands – that there’s no reason someone would need more than 100 meters of accuracy – but I beg to differ. I think there’s a more accurate way to place me on a map. And here’s where it shows:

Case 1: the morning jog
Ready to start off 2015 on the right foot (no pun intended), I set up MapMyRun, synced it with MyFitnessPal, and hit the trail. Well, street and trail. After I completed my 20-minute jog, which I estimated was about 2 miles, I glanced at my phone:

How 7 of DC’s Tech Leaders Manage Their Valuable Time

Posted by SocialRadar

Need help juggling home, work, and social life? SocialRadar asked some leaders in DC Tech to share how they manage their valuable time:


“There is time for everything, as long as your priorities always rise to the top. I try and make the first business communication I have each day externally focused with our customers. Even if it is just a quick hello, not asking for anything. Controlling your calendar helps. Every Sunday I review my calendar for the week, shedding unnecessary meetings to ensure time for top priorities.”
Tammy Mank Wincup / @tmwincup / Chief Operating Officer, EverFi, Inc

Wherever you go, there you are. Unfortunately your mobile phone doesn’t see it that way.

Posted by John Fontaine

Developers know that working with location services on mobile devices is a bit like working with an old map. You inevitably get to a spot where it says, “Here be dragons.” Yes, if you want latitude and longitude with a low precision, the phone will give it to you, but as soon as you explore further, you hit the same set of problems like battery life, user behavior, venue datasets, and complex, poorly documented optimization strategies.

SocialRadar Acquires Gridskippr to Bring Advanced Location Manager and Customer Insights to Market

Posted by Michael Chasen


SocialRadar has announced the acquisition of Gridskippr, a firm that developed the industry’s most advanced location manager and mobile advertising technology for smartphone apps. The acquisition will allow SocialRadar to deliver a complete set of solutions around location-based technology both in SocialRadar’s consumer app and as an SDK for third-party developers who want to include this powerful technology in their own applications.

Over the last year, our team at SocialRadar worked closely with Gridskippr to develop technology for our consumer app that significantly improved location accuracy, reduced battery drain, and generated detailed insights on our users. App developers have regularly requested this same type of functionality for use within their own applications.  With the acquisition of Gridskippr, we are now a one-stop shop for this functionality.

Networking Insights from 11 of DC’s Tech Leaders

Posted by SocialRadar

The DC Tech community is a powerful and chatty group – chock full of people who will jump at the chance to help others in our network. New to the scene and want to tap into the community? First you have to build your network.

SocialRadar asked a few leaders in the DC Tech community to share their thoughts on the best ways or places to network and build connections. Here’s what they had to say:


Beyond the Code with Victor Quinn: Writing “Getting Started with tmux”

Posted by SocialRadar

SocialRadar’s lead node engineer, Victor Quinn, recently wrote a book and had some thoughts to share. He is a programmer, technology leader, legal scholar, writer, husband, and now, a published author. Quinn details the process that turned a blog post he wrote in 2011 into his new book “Getting Started with tmux.”



I completed work on my first book, Getting Started with tmux, which was recently published!

Set Radar To “Cool”

Posted by SocialRadar

Out of over 250 nominees, InTheCapital crowned SocialRadar one of the ten coolest companies in DC. The announcement came at DC Fest in September, a night when young professionals from across the city gathered to play lawn games, eat, and drink to celebrate those companies who had been named the coolest.

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Nominees were judged based on various factors including how much fun the employees have and how unique the company culture is.